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CTPAT Program Audit

Our experts can assess your company’s overall compliance with the CTPAT Security Criteria (requirements) and provide a comprehensive report.

We will start the project by analyzing your company’s CTPAT Portal account including:
• Company Profile
• Security Profile
• Documents uploaded
• Validation Report (most recent)

The next step is for our company to send an email to each key person in the following areas (that apply): purchasing, import, export, human resources, information technology, security and warehouse. The email includes a brief introduction to CTPAT, the benefits your company receives, the requirements and a request for specific information we need. Each email includes a questionnaire specific to that person’s department.

As a result of the audit, our experts will develop a detailed CTPAT Program Audit Report.

We can also:
• Update your company’s CTPAT Portal Account.
• Develop updated responses for any sections of the Security Profile that need to be updated.
• Update your company’s existing CTPAT policies, procedures and/or forms.
• Development of any policy, procedure or form your company does not have and must have to comply with the requirements of CTPAT.
• Upload any updated or new policies, procedures and/or forms to the corresponding sections of the Security Profile.

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