We Have a 100% Success Rate in Getting Our Clients Certified.

Our experts can assist with the entire process of getting your company CTPAT Certified.​

We will start the project by sending an email to each key person in the following areas (that apply): import, export, human resources, purchasing, information technology, security and warehouse. Each email includes a brief introduction to CTPAT, the benefits your company receives, the requirements and a request for specific information we need. Each email includes a questionnaire specific to that person’s department.

​Our experts will develop a detailed CTPAT Program Audit Report. The report will state specifically what your company must implement or modify to comply with the CTPAT Security Criteria (requirements).

We will:

  • Review your company’s existing policies, procedures, forms and training material.
  • Develop the responses for the Security Profile.
  • Develop the Supply Chain Risk Assessment Report
  • Develop the required policies, procedures, forms
  • Provide guidance on updating existing policies, procedures, forms and training material.
  • Create a CTPAT Portal account
  • Upload the policies, procedures, forms and training material to the corresponding sections of the Security Profile.
  • File the required Supply Chain Risk Assessment Report, Security Profile with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
  • Upon filing, your account will be assigned to one of 6 offices at CBP dedicated to
    CTPAT. Your account will then be assigned to a specific person known as a Supply Chain Security Specialist (SCSS) at that office.
  • The SCSS has up to 90 days to perform the initial review of the information and documentation that was filed. At the time of the review, the SCSS can certify your company or request additional information.
  • We will provide CBP with any additional information or documentation they may request during the review stage.

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