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Business Partner Risk Mitigator

This is a powerful web-based solution designed to save you and your company a significant amount of time, money and resources when it comes to business partner compliance.

Your prospective and existing business partner’s level of compliance with the latest CTPAT Minimum Security Criteria (MSC) is assessed; a Corrective Action Plan is created. A business partner for CTPAT purposes is a foreign supplier/vendor, logistics service provider and domestic warehouse that receives international cargo.


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After a business partner completes the Risk Mitigator, an SCSI CTPAT subject matter expert will review the responses and documentation uploaded. A Corrective Action Plan will be developed and submitted to you and your business partner.

Each business partner will also receive the complete CTPAT Compliance Manual with all of the policies, procedures, and forms; the CTPAT Training material to comply with the new CTPAT MSC; Validation preparation training material; email support; and a Compliance Certificate once the company is in full compliance with the new CTPAT MSC.