350 10th Avenue, Suite #1000
San Diego, CA 92101


350 10th Avenue, Suite #1000
San Diego, CA 92101


CTPAT Online Training

Security training and threat awareness is part of the security criteria for all CTPAT certified companies.

To successfully protect your company, employees and assets, employees at every level – from the top down – need a basic understanding of CTPAT, security and threat awareness.

Employees in the warehouse, security personnel, drivers, internal auditors, supplier auditors, CTPAT Points of Contact (POC) require additional training.

Without this understanding, organizations cannot hold employees accountable for protecting the organization’s CTPAT certification, resources and ultimately, its profitability.

Why choose SCSI?

  • Courses are designed by SCSI’s in-house team of supply chain security subject matter experts
  • Engaging rich media captures attention
  • Cloud-based learning
  • Access content securely
  • Save time and money on travel and venues for classroom-based training
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Access a wider global audience


CTPAT, Security Training and Threat Awareness for All Employees
CTPAT, Security Training and Threat Awareness for Warehouse Employees


$25 USD per user
There is a minimum of 25 user licenses that have to be purchased that have to be used within 1 year or they expire.

Self-Paced Training

The cloud supported content is easily accessible anywhere, anytime on a smartphone, tablet, or computer where an internet connection is available. We live on a mobile planet now, and the ability of your trainees to access their training from a phone or tablet is critical.

The beauty of facilitating your training through SCSI is that trainees can access the material without having to be in the classroom. SCSI makes it easy for your trainees to access training content when it works best for them and continue if they ever get interrupted.

Return on Investment

“What’s worse than training your workers and losing them? Not training them and keeping them.” – Zig Ziglar

Protecting your company’s CTPAT Certification and your company begins with ensuring your employees understand the minimum requirements of CTPAT applicable to their position.

Effective training enhances company profits and saves money. A trained workforce means lower probability of a supply chain disruption and that a security breach will take place. Thus, well trained departments increase the probability of an employee identifying mistakes, an attempted or actual breach in security.

The best security technology in the world can’t help your company unless employees understand their roles and responsibilities.