CTPAT Program Management

Compliance with CTPAT? Consider it done!

Lean on our expertise with our affordable, comprehensive CTPAT Program Management solution.

Add a CTPAT expert to your team.

Your time is valuable. Get it back. You’ve heard it before-time is money.

A dedicated CTPAT expert will assess your company’s compliance with CTPAT, get your company back into compliance and assist in managing your company’s compliance in order to maintain your company’s certification.

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We have a team ready to take your CTPAT responsibilities off your hands.

Your own account manager.

You’ll have a dedicated CTPAT expert focused on your business – no starting from scratch with some random person if you call in or e-mail with a question. It’s like having an employee who just happens to work in our office.

Check in anytime, 24/7.

While your account manager can’t be available to take calls 24/7 (even CTPAT experts need sleep), you can send an email and expect a response within 24 hours.

Your account manager will start by analyzing your:

  • Company Profile
  • Security Profile
  • documents uploaded to the CTPAT Portal
  • responses and documentation filed with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for the last CTPAT Validation Report

Depending upon your company’s operations and budget, we will conduct a comprehensive onsite CTPAT Compliance Review of your headquarters and any company operated facility that receives international cargo or schedule conference calls with management and staff. During each assessment or conference call, we would:

– need to speak with personnel in the following areas (that apply): purchasing, import, export, human resources, information technology, security, receiving and shipping

–review existing policies, procedures and forms

–assess the physical security and access controls of each building(s)/facility

The purpose of the on-site meetings/conference calls is to evaluate your operations in order to provide your company with the necessary policies, procedures, training and guidance in order to comply with the requirements of CTPAT.

Your company will receive a detailed report following the review.

CTPAT Security Questionnaires will be sent to your business partners (foreign suppliers, agents, affiliates, transportation companies, freight forwarders, etc.).

Follow up e-mails will be sent to those companies that haven’t completed the questionnaire according to the predetermined time frame.

Each completed CTPAT Security Questionnaire will be reviewed for compliance with the applicable CTPAT Security Criteria.

Our company can also audit each of your medium and high risk suppliers/service providers for compliance with the CTPAT Security Criteria (requirements) applicable to their type of company.

A CTPAT Compliance Audit Report will be provided following each audit.

Detailed cargo flows will be created for each of your company’s supply chains.

A Risk Assessment Report will be developed and provided.

An updated Security Profile will be provided.

Your existing CTPAT policies, procedures and/or forms will be updated. We will develop any policy, procedure or form that your company does not have and must have to comply with the requirements of CTPAT.

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