C-TPAT Certification

SCSI can assist you with getting your company C-TPAT Certified. Our complete service includes:

The first step is for our company to schedule on-site meetings or conference calls with management and staff. We would:

  • Provide management with a brief training on C-TPAT, the benefits, requirements, certification process, validation process and compliance.
  • Need to speak with management and/or staff in the following areas (that apply): purchasing, import, export, human resources, information technology, security and warehouse.
  • Review your company’s existing policies, procedures and forms.
  • Assess the physical security and access controls of the building(s)/facility.

The purpose of the on-site meetings/conference calls is to evaluate your operations in order to provide your company with the necessary policies, procedures, training and guidance in order to comply with the requirements of C-TPAT.

C-TPAT Security Questionnaires will be sent to your business partners (foreign suppliers, agents, affiliates, transportation companies, freight forwarders, etc.).

Follow up e-mails will be sent to those companies that haven’t completed the questionnaire according to the predetermined time frame.

Each completed C-TPAT Security Questionnaire will be reviewed for compliance with the applicable C-TPAT Security Criteria.

A Risk Assessment Report and Corrective Actions Plan will be developed and provided.

We will deliver a C-TPAT Policies & Procedures Manual.

We will develop the required responses for the Security Profile.

We will file the required Risk Assessment Report, Corrective Actions Plan, Security Profile, written policies & procedures and additional documentation with U.S. Customs.

Upon filing, your account will be assigned to one of 6 offices at CBP dedicated to C-TPAT. Your account will then be assigned to a specific person known as a Supply Chain Security Specialist (SCSS) at that office.

CBP has up to 90 days to certify your company or request additional information.

We will provide CBP with any additional information or documentation they may request during the review stage.

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