Business Partner Assessments

Performing a Business Partner Assessment is a cost-effective, time-efficient way to verify whether or not your foreign suppliers comply with the requirements of C-TPAT.

Ensure that your prospective and existing business partners truly comply with the C-TPAT requirements. Other companies do not possess auditors with extensive experience in C-TPAT, supply chain security let alone security as SCSI does.

SCSI’s C-TPAT Business Partner Assessment (BPA) verifies whether or not a supplier complies with the C-TPAT requirements. This due diligence should be systematically part of your supply chain security management system.

With our Business Partner Assessment solution, your Company will:

  • be able to verify your supplier’s factory exists and is operational
  • have the ability to know whether or not your business partner complies with the C-TPAT requirements
  • be able to demonstrate compliance with the C-TPAT requirements in order to maintain your certified status
  • have a network of auditors with expertise in supply chain security and the requirements of C-TPAT
  • have auditors at the ready, able to respond quickly as needed and when issues arise
  • know if you are dealing with an agent or factory
  • improve your understanding of existing business partners
  • understand the security of your goods and protect your brand
  • allow you to focus on running your business

Upon completion of the audit(s) your company receives a Business Partner Assessment Report with an overall compliance or non-compliance result and detailed corrective actions. We avoid percentages and pretty colors in our reports. Your company needs to know flat out whether your business partner complies or not.
In addition, your business partner will receive a “SCSI Compliant” certificate once they are in compliance with the C-TPAT and/or AEO requirements.

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